May 1, 1758

1758 May 1 (Monday).  Visited Sarah Smith junior (Daughter of the widow Sarah Smith) who is sick of a Fever.  There I dined.  Visited at Mr. Gershom Brighams — Joseph Knowltons, where was Dr. Crosby, who acquainted me with the Frolick which a Number of young People had at Baldwins Tavern in Shrewsbury last Thursday Night and that he himself wrote a Letter to Mr. Baldwin the preceding afternoon, which was the means of breaking it up.  N.B. The young Men were partly those who have enlisted into the service: and Solomon Fay of this Town was one.  I visited at Mr. Samuel Fays junior.  N.B. his son Solomon came in: I therefore talked with him about the above mentioned Frolick.  Called at Neighbour Eliezer Rice’s — bid farewell to Thomas Hardy and his wife, they designing for Brookfield in the Morning.  When I came home came Mr. Oliver Carter of Leominster to desire me to assist at a Fast there — he lodged here.

May 2, 1758

1758 May 2 (Tuesday).  Sent a Letter to Mr. Thomas Hardy directed to my son Baldwin about Billys Affair; and I therein assure him I can’t Stand to the Agreement made between them.  Presently after came Billy himself who lodged last Night at Capt. Eagers.  Mr. Carter dined with us.  N.B. It was Training Day to See whether any would enlist, or otherwise to press five Men.  Capt. Fay had desired me Yesterday to be at Hand, that they might Send for me in Season — and he told me the Time appointed was one o’Clock.  I waited for his sending till well nigh 1/2 after 3, then went to the Meeting House my Self (without any Message from him), having Concerns with divers Men, whom otherwise I could not well see, particularly Capt. Stephen Maynard, with whom I talked about admitting Billy into his Company.  Which he Consented to — and told me he would into his Tent.  At Capt. Fays Request I prayed with the Company: and then he read his Warrant respecting the raising the 5 men, which were still required out of this Company.  N.B. Mr. Oliver Carter still with me — and till near Night; when he left me to go to Mr. Smith of Marlborough.

May 3, 1758

1758 May 3 (Wednesday).  The last enlisted and pressed men go to Marlborough to be mustered by Coll. Williams.  My son Billy also goes to enlist under Capt. Maynard.  N.B. Alexander with his Brothers Steers, and only the help of the little Boys Samuel and John gets out 7 Turns of Muck, though some of them the Cart not full, and perhaps neither of them So full as if the Team was stronger.  Miss Patty Dunlop here — dines with us and at Evening carrys away little Sophy to keep her a while.

May 6, 1758

1758 May 6 (Saturday).  Interrupted by Company — Mr. Campbell of Oxford.  Upon review of the week, find there have been many avocations from my Studys, and great Necessity of Changing; but my Family Circumstances will not well admitt of it, but especially on account of want of Hay; which is a Difficulty also with others as well as with me, this Spring.

May 7, 1758

1758 May 7 (Sunday).  I had prepared one sermon but could not (well) another.  But it would be needful the Second should immediately follow the first.  And therefore I took the Sermon on Isa. 9.6 and with many Omissions here and there with proper Additions, under Ps. 145.11, former part, from p. 9 to 29 and part of p. 29 formed the Exercises of a. and p.m.  N.B. read a.m. 2 Chron. 9, Luk. 24.  I rejoiced to have Granny Maynard abroad; and to dine with us.

May 9, 1758

1758 May 9 (Tuesday).  Visit Mrs. Garfield (at South East) and find her Husband on the Bed instead of her.  Very hot in returning back — found here two agreeable Friends, viz. Mrs. Dench and Mrs. Buckminster who came from Framingham and dined here.  P.M. they visited Capt. Wood, and my Wife and I waited on them and drank Tea there.  They lodged here.

May 10, 1758

1758 May 10 (Wednesday).  Ensign Harrington, Mr. Zebulon Rice, and Mr. Tainter with their Cattle and Hay to keep them and with Mr. Williams’s and Capt. Woods Oxen (twelve, including my Sons) and Deacon Tainters plough broke up Some mossy and wild Grass Ground on the North East End of the Island next to Capt. Maynards Land.  They dined here, with Mrs. Dench and Buckminster, but these last p.m. returned to Framingham.

May 11, 1758

1758 May 11 (Thursday).  I walked out into the South on Various Affairs, and made Several visits.  Particularly Sought a Team to harrow my new ploughed Ground.  Visited Widow Woods, Widow Forb., Mrs. Mary Steward etc.  Was as far as Ensign Harringtons.  When I returned found my Kinsman William Bowes Parkman here, in his Return from Fairfield in Connecticut.  He lodges here.

May 12, 1758

1758 May 12 (Friday).  I rode a little way with my Kinsman Billy: and having been sent for with great Earnestness to go last Tuesday to see poor Mrs. Susanna Allen, I made her a visit.  Found her sadly distracted.  Prayed and counselled both Father and son.  As to her she was So crazy little good could be done with her.  I rode to Mr. Martyns, dined there (though after they had done), and hastened home.  But then when I most depended upon having Time for study I was Sadly interrupted and disturbed by Company coming in, particularly Mr. Isaac Johnson — and Mr. Ebenezer Hammond.  N.B. The last brought me an Handsome Leg of Pork, and I took that opportunity to walk privately with him and told him I could not Shew my Love to him any way better than to tell him of a Vice I had heard he frequently fell into — he confessed it was So; Said he was obliged to me, and that he thanked me kindly.

May 16, 1758

1758 May 16 (Tuesday).  It was so rainy a Day that I was prevented going to Leominster as I designed: but I put my Self into the better preparation against I can go.  A number of Neighbours dined here — viz. Lieut. Eliezer Rice (who in the Name of Capt. Maynard; and a Number more who are going out in the service, desired me to preach a Sermon to them), Mr. Zebulon Rice, John Maynard and Joseph How.

May 17, 1758

1758 May 17 (Wednesday).  I having received it from the Mouth of Mr. Oliver Carter that the Fast at Leominster is Appointed to be tomorrow (and wrote it down so in his Sight), went to Day over to Lancaster.  N.B. Mrs. Gamel (heretofore wife of Dr. Dunsmore) in Company through the worst of the Way.  Visited Mr. Harrington.  Borrow of him the Historical Accounts of China.  Visit old Madam Prentice at Capt. Abijah Willards; and Mrs. Zipporah Phelps — and lodged at Mr. Goss’s in Bolton: but Mr. Goss not at home.  N.B. Mrs. Goss’s Sister Pool there with Cancer in her Lip.  N.B. This Day was Fast at Shrewsbury, appointed by the Association and Mr. Martyn preached a.m.  Mr. Buckminster p.m. but I conceived it my Duty to go to Leominster if the Fast would be tomorrow there; which I could not know without going to Lancaster; for I knew also sufficient Assistance was gone to Mr. Cushing.

May 21, 1758

1758 May 21 (Sunday).  Preached at the North End a.m. on Heb. 10.31.  P.M. on Ps. 46.1 and 10.  N.B. no public Reading.  Returned home early because I must preach to morrow to the Soldiers.  But this Evening Mr. William Winter of Boston came here from Worcester, where he had left his Wife, and lodged here.

May 22, 1758

1758 May 22 (Monday).  Mr. Winter goes to Hopkinton on an Affair of Selling a Tract of Land at Vendue.  I was much interrupted in my preparations by his Coming at this Time, though he is a Gentleman I much esteem.  Mr. Uriah Brighams wife dined with us.  It was the Day of the Town Meeting to choose a Representative if they would Send one: but it passed Negatively.  My Exercise to the Soldiers was not till past 3 o’Clock.  I preached on Exod. 33.15.  Which may God Himself be pleased to accompany with a Saving Efficacy!  My son William is with them though he has not as yet received his Bounty.  N.B. The Company marched to the Meeting House from Capt. Maynards where they dined — and returned there again.  N.B. Mr. Solomon Prentice of Grafton attended with us and was here after meeting.  At night Billy returns home from Capt. Maynards much troubled not having received so much as the Bounty which is Usual at enlisting, Yet is appointed to March with the Company to morrow.

May 23, 1758

1758 May 23 (Tuesday).  I went to Capt. Maynards, who promises to do what in him lies for Billy; yet when I asked him what I might expect, was too Short with me.  I rode up to Worcester where they were to receive their Billeting Money.  But they could not get it.  I proceeded to Leicester and to Spencer — lodged at Mr. Eatons.  N.B. here was Mr. Isaac Livermore, a Candidate, and lodged with me.

May 24, 1758

1758 May 24 (Wednesday).  To my son Baldwins to acquaint them that Billy was coming and that tis necessary to provide for him, if they would take the Care of it, otherwise I would my Self.  Attended the Ordination of Mr. Nathan Fisk.  Mr. Jones prayed.  Mr. Woodward preached on 1 Tim. 3.3 — apt to teach.  Mr. White prayed before the Charge.  Mr. Bridgham gave it.  Mr. Swift prayed after it — and Mr. Eaton gave the Right Hand.  N.B. A great Blunder about the Singing — Mr. Fisk using Tate and Brady and not advertising the Chorister and Reader of it.  Entertained at Capt. Uphams.  At Eve at Ebenezer’s but lodged at Mr. Forbush’s.

May 25, 1758

1758 May 25 (Thursday).  Billy comes up to Brookfield.  He has received 5 Dollars of Capt. Maynard and is promised the rest of the Bounty, as well as the Billetting money with the other Soldiers.  I dined at my son Baldwins.  Have some debate with him about Billy and the fitting him out.  P.M. at Mr. Forb.  Lt. Rice takes Billy for his Waiter.  At Eve Capt. Wit came to see me.  Lodged at Capt. Baldwins — because of Billys Case.

May 26, 1758

1758 May 26 (Friday).  Lieut. Rice and his men march from Brookfield for Hardwick.  I take solemn and affectionate Leave of them.  And particularly of Billy, whom God be gracious to and preserve!  N.B. I had yesterday, and did again this morning, take Opportunity to talk distinctly and closely with Lt. Rice, especially upon the Head of profaneness — and he repeatedly promised me that he would take heed to himself and those he had Care of — I talked with the rest also — and most of them by them Selves most Seriously charging them and instructing them particularly Elijah Rice, Joseph Rice, Joseph How, Constantine Hardy and Samuel Stone (son in Law to the Lieutenant).  Brother Joseph Woods was also among them who yesterday gave me a hint about the Lieutenant — which was the rather the Cause of my going again to him, both on his own Account and that of the men.  And thus I committed them to God and parted.  N.B. Mr. Forb. having received Commission or Warrant from Governor Pownall to go Chaplain in Coll. Ruggles’s Regiment, is preparing for it.  I sat out with my Daughter Suse with me, about 1/2 after 10 a.m.  Call at Mr. Eaton’s — dine at Mr. Roberts’s.  Mr. Billings of Westborough and Mr. David Cutler of Lexington accompanyed from thence.  Many Companys of Soldiers marching upwards.  Did not get home till late.  Had a fall from my Horse by reason of starting — but was preserved from much hurt.

May 28, 1758

1758 May 28 (Sunday).  Read 2 Chron. 11 and Joh 2.  Repeated sermon on Luk. 12.15 a. and p.m. to p. 18.  Mr. Thomas Mather, son of Mr. Mather of Boston, practitioner of physick, came here this morning, having been to Lancaster, from Mendon, after his Horse which has run away from him.  At Eve Dr. Mather went with Dr. Rice to Capt. Woods.  N.B. Stopped the Church on Mr. Wellmans Affair.  N.B. I gave Charge to the Congregation respecting riotous Disorders on the approching Election.

May 31, 1758

1758 May 31 (Wednesday).  Mr. Frink of Rutland preached the Election Sermon on Isa. 32.1.2 and was above an Hour and 3 quarters long.  I dined in Fanuel-Hall.  Attended at the Convention p.m.  Dr. Sewall Moderator and prayed.  In choosing a Second to Mr. Pemberton, who is for next year, there arose much difficulty — 3 times a Tie, between Mr. Balch and [blank].  The latter had 25 votes at first trying; Mr. Balch nineteen, the rest Scattering.  He that had the 25 went near to the Moderator and said to him and to the Convention that considering his tender Constitution and uncertain Health it might not be so well to have dependence upon him and therefore etc.  When the Tie was repeated it looked to him Sutable to drop both of them and try for some other.  When it was going upon a 3d time I came away — and the 3d Attempt proving a Tie, it was putt off till tomorrow morning.  I lodged at Brother Samuels.  Mr. Gay lodged there and Mr. Cushing with him.