April 28, 1757

1757 April 28 (Thursday).  Capt. Baldwin Came, accompanyed by his Brother Nahum but his Father and Mother, whom I had writ to, came not.  My son Thomas went to Mr. Stones of Southborough and brought up Miss Huldah.  P.M. Mr. Martyn and his wife came.  My Son Ebenezer and his Wife; at Eve Mr. John Martyn junior and his wife — and at the Edge of Evening the Marriage of my Daughter Lucy was Solemniz’d by Rev. Mr. Martyn.  May God make ‘em an happy Couple; but especially Heirs of the Grace of Eternal Life!  Mr. Martyn and his wife lodged here; and Miss Huldah Stone, who is come to stay with us a while to assist Lucy in her preparations for Brookfield.