April 4, 1757

1757 April 4 (Monday).  Mr. Jonathan Whipple, having deceased last Saturday, was interred p.m.  He was in his 79th year.  I read his Will to the Mourners at my House.  But I was in Some surprize when I found that though I wrote it my Self, there were but two Witnesses, who had signed it.  But Mr. Francis Said he Should not object against it.  Conscious of the Danger that Mr. David Maynard was in the like Case (writ by me, and in my keeping) I went over to old Mr. Maynard and acquainted him with it and Since I did See him sign, Seal and publish and declare his, and likewise did see the witnesses Sign (as I remember being with them and guiding them in what they did), I therefore, at his Desire, and in their Sight, Signed as Witness also.  This was also in presence of two of the Heirs, Nathan and Hannah Maynard.  This I apprehended to be my Duty to do; and might justly and in Truth do; and this notwithstanding the Date of the Will, for that is not the Date of the Signing.  N.B. Mr. Snow and Gale not at work to Day.  N.B. Mr. Nic. Bryard a soldier requests me to preach to the Soldiers who are quartered in this Town.