January 27, 1757

1757 January 27 (Thursday).  Lt. Tainter came from Boston and brought Wool and Cotton for Lucy.  He dined with us: as did Judge Ward.  P.M. our Church Meeting to choose a Deacon instead of Deacon Jonathan Forbush junior deceased.  After prayer and acquainting the Church with what the Design of the Meeting was, I read what the Platform says of a Deacons Business etc.; Votes were brought in.  There appeared 12 out of 25 for Lt. Tainter.  Six were for Brother Whitney; five for Brother Daniel Forbush, one for Brother Francis Whipple and one for Brother Moses Warrin.  We tryed again and there were 17 for Brother Tainter.  Whereupon he was declared Chosen.  After this I mentioned to the Church that my Judgment had been many years ago, and was Still that Deacons ought, according to the Institution in Act. 6 to be Ordained.  I also desired the Church to think upon the Affair of Sister Judith Bellows.  We prayed, and I gave the Blessing.  May God be with His servant who has been elected!  I can’t but look upon him as being, all things considered, the Suitablest Person among us for the Office; and hope God will graciously accept and reward him for his readiness to serve in the Kingdom of Christ he having in a distinguishing manner a ministerial Disposition, and is very helpful to the poor and afflicted.