January 1, 1757

1757 January 1 (Saturday).  I was So closely engaged in my preparations for the Sabbath approching (this being Saturday) that I had not Opportunity to employ my Self as I had desired and purposed.  My many, unavoidable and pressing Cares which my Numerous Family oblige me to, having very much prevented (but neither can I clear my Self of the Charge of Sloth and Negligence) my preparing my Sermons in the Earlyer part of the Week.  Nevertheless I endeavoured in enlarged Devotions, and in divers parts of the Day, gratefully to acknowledge the unmerited Goodness of God to Me, as throughout my Life in general, So in the Course of the Last Year in Special to Me, to my Family, and to my People.  How wondrous the Sparing Mercy of God to me and Mine in a peculiar Manner in the Times of great Distress in the Summer; and afterwards so sore Visitation by the wasting Sickness!  I would therefore praise the Name of God for His undeserved Favour to Me Personally in sustaining me under and recovering Me from the Sore sickness, I was my Self Exercised by; viz. Fever, Jaundice and Rheumatism:  And for His distinguishing Lenity to my Family that So few of them had the Dysentery; and that those who had it, yet were Supported and carryed through it; And though that awful Distemper did So sorrowfully rage amongst us in this Parish for a While, and carryed off many of the Flock, yet that in the Middst of wrath the Lord was pleased to remember Mercy, and has Spared and restored So many!  O may God grant that we maybe truely humble, Penitant, thankful, Circumspect and faithful!  And now since He has been pleased to grant that a New Year Commences, may I, may we all, have Grace to Live to the Glory of our Adorable Healer and Preserver!  May All the Events before me, whether my Appointed Time be longer or shorter, be under the Ordering of infinite Wisdom and May I and Mine be ever Prepared for the whole Will of God!  I desire ever to repose my self in Him!