January 6, 1757

1757 January 6 (Thursday).  I preached at Deacon Bonds on Joh. 4.24 to p. 4 and then used what I wrote on the Catechism of Gods being a Spirit.  At Eve visit LeBlanc.  N.B. My Wife with me, at both.  We went on foot, it being very pleasant inviting Weather.  Esquire Baker there.  N.B. LeBlanc tells me his sister Mary marryed an Englishman by whom she had a number of Daughters:  one of which marryed Governor Cosby, another Governor Enfield, of Annapolis, the last of which is the present Governor there and that his Kinswoman is also now living there.  When I came home found Mr. John Hemingway of Framingham here, and he Lodged here.