January 16, 1757

1757 January 16 (Sunday).  Read 1 K. 22 to v. 19 and gave Expository Observations.  P.M. read Mat. 24.  Preached a. and p.m. on Luk. 13.25-29.  Do earnestly beg I may feel the Power of Gods word my self.  Was very fervent in delivering a Solemn Charge to the Congregation p.m.  May it fasten upon my own Soul!  After I had delivered the Blessing I Stopped the Congregation and read the brief Pamphlet (the chief of it) entitled “a Call from the City to the Country.”  It respected united Prayer on Lords Day and Wednesday Mornings.  This I resolve by Gods Grace, to comply with as I can, myself, and do recommend it to my People.  Widow Thurston and Widow Rogers dined here.  At Eve looked again into Mrs. Pierpoints Journals.