April 30, 1756

1756 April 30 (Friday).  Visited Mr. Bowman who is Sick.  Dined at Deacon Forbush’s.  P.M. was a Vendue of Mr. Richard Barns’s Substance, So much as to satisfie for his Debts to Mr. Coroner Green of Wor’ster, and my son Ebenezer.  It was at his Father Bruce’s, and was managed by Mr. Ebenezer Rice, Deputy-Sheriff.  It was an Affair that affected me much, but the foolish man was obstinately neglectfull and insulting (as I understood) — and it was the more grievous as the man himself was gone (having marched last Tuesday) yet he was Sufficiently warned and Cautioned.


At Eve a number of Young Men met here in order to form into a society.  I instructed, directed, cautioned and prayed with them; and they Signed the Articles which the former young-Mens Society did; and that Copy drawn by my son Ebenezer which bears Date of 174[blank].  Their Names were Thomas Parkman, Jonathan Grout, Samuel, Thomas and Noah Hardy, Barnabas Newton, Joseph Baker, Daniel Forb. junior, Abner Warrin, Abner Whipple, and Joseph Harrington.  And they are, by divine Leave, to meet next Lords Day Evening at the widow Newtons.  May God be gracious to them and meet with them!