April 22, 1756

1756 April 22 (Thursday).  This Day was a general Training every where — but the Companys apart.  The Design was to try for enlisting Soldiers for the Expedition against Crown Point: this tryal to be till 4 o’Clock p.m. and if Men did not offer willingly, then to press.  I had appointed my Lecture at 2 p.m. before I knew of the Training.  Therefore I did not put it by, but attended it, and preached from Ps. 68.24.  The whole Exercise but little more than an Hour.  After Meeting Mr. Ebenezer Rice, sheriff, came into my House with Mr. Richard Barns again — but our Efforts to help him were in Vain.  N.B. Barns and Silas Frost had listed [blot] press[blot]men etc.