May 3, 1756

1756 May 3 (Monday).  Mr. Hall of Sutton here.  Mrs. Mercy Chamberlin here and greatly distressed by Reason of her Remove back to Sheffield, and her Husband going into the Warr.  N.B. Billy ploughing at the Island, Joseph Rice helps him.  Wrote a Letter to Capt. Jeduthun Baldwin.  N.B. Joseph Rice lodges here.  Joseph Chaddock brought a Load of Rails from Mr. M. Twitchels.

May 4, 1756

1756 May 4 (Tuesday).  Joseph Rice a.m. helps Billy in Ploughing at the Island and in my young Orchard near the Barn.  P.M. I Catechized at the School-House.  19 Males, 21 Girls.  Visited Mr. Joseph Bruce and Family — and at Mr. Daniel Hardys, Biglows, Cornelius Junior his Wife; he being gone into the Service — Kellys etc.  N.B. brought home Dr. Sibbs’s Folio.  N.B. left my Mare at Mr. Biglows for to Night.

May 5, 1756

1756 May 5 (Wednesday).  Very Cold Winds.  Brother Hicks was here Yesterday, while I was absent, and left me a Message from Brother Champney of Cambridge, which because of my inability to fulfill putts me to much Trouble of mind.  P.M. Charles Rice junior works for me.  He and Billy (with my own Team) ploughs the rest of the Field by the Barn.

May 6, 1756

1756 May 6 (Thursday).  Lt. Jonas Brigham undertook the Moving of his biggest Barn, of 50 feet.  At his Desire I was there and Supped with them but the Barn was moved but part of the Way.  Very Cold Winds; my Health was much exposed; but I chiefly regretted the Loss of my Time, a great deal of which might have been improved much better otherwhere.

May 7, 1756

1756 May 7 (Friday).  Mr. Ebenezer Rice is about Selling Mr. Beeton his Pasture of 28 Acres Southerly and Easterly of Barny Newtons.  Lt. Ward Set me off, in my Plan, the Acre South of the meeting House, and informs me of a little Bit at the t’other End of that Land, which he would Sell me; and leaves me the Refusal of it.

May 10, 1756

1756 May 10 (Monday).  Writings prepared for Mr. Rice and his Neighbour Beeton’s Bargain of the Pasture etc.  Visit Mr. Samuel Fay junior but especially his Son Samuel in his languishing Condition.  N.B. a.m. finished planting the Island, the Weather now being very good.  Mr. William Pierce worked for me, making Stone Wall back of the meeting House.  My Son Ebenezer came over with his Steers and Mare, which joined to my own steers and Mare, he used to Harrow my Meeting House Field.

May 15, 1756

1756 May 15 (Saturday).  I borrowed Mr. Pratts Horse and rode to Hopkinton but Mr. Barrett was gone to Boston.  I was about to ride to Southborough and went as far as Dr. Wilsons: There I found Mr. Barrett; with whom he returned to his House, But I could not perswade him, though the Sun was Some heighth, to ride to Westborough this Eve.  N.B. my finding Mr. Barrett at Dr. Wilsons was the more to be remarked because if I had not I should not only have had the Difficult Journey, through unknown Roads to me, to Southborough, but when I Should have got there Should have been disappointed, Mr. Stone being gone to Harwich.  Mr. Barret gave me the first Intimations of the Sudden Death of my Eldest Brothers Wife, yesterday Morning.  He also acquainted me with the Death of Mrs. Prentice, wife of Thomas Esq. at Newtown.  I lodged at Mr. Barretts.

May 16, 1756

1756 May 16 (Sunday).  Mr. B. rode to Westborough and preached here, on Mat. 16.26 and returned at Evening.  I preached at Hopkinton a.m. on Isa. 26.20.21, p.m. on Heb. 11.16, and in the Evening came home; where I received a Letter from Brother Samuel certifying of the Death of Sister Parkman Friday Morning of an Asthma.  May God teach my Dear Brother Resignation and Obedience by the things which he suffers!  And may we all Learn to die!  To be ever ready!  For her Departure was Somewhat Sudden, and about 2 o’Clock, to their great Surprize, though she had had a fit or two the Evening before; for they both went to Bed and to sleep comfortable.

May 18, 1756

1756 May 18 (Tuesday).  Messrs. Samuel Hardy, Zebulun Rice and his Brother Charles worked here in fencing the Field behind the Meeting House and p.m. planted the Chief of it.  Mr. Charles Rice Came and dropped Corn part of the afternoon.  N.B. Mr. Martyn and his Wife Visit us.  My Wife goes over to my Daughter in Law, in the Morning.  About a quarter after 11 a.m. my son had a second Daughter born — the Glory to God alone!

May 19, 1756

1756 May 19 (Wednesday).  Mr. Charles Rice came in the Morning and finished the dropping my Corn, and a.m. Billy finished the covering.  I visited my son and Daughter and the New born Infant.  May God be gracious to them and quicken them to all the Duty incumbent on them!  But it is matter of great Grief that way is not, to this Day, made for the Dedicating these Children to God in His holy Ordinance.  I visited Old Mrs. Hannah Rice, and dined there (at Mr. Seth Rice’s).  Visited Eight Familys that way; and returned at Evening.  Billy p.m. helps his Brother get ready for Planting.  N.B. We had a swarm of Bees thus early.

May 24, 1756

1756 May 24 (Monday).  I undertook my Journey to Boston.  Rode my Son’s Mare hoping She will carry me more agreeably than my own.  Dined at Mr. Stones Wife at Southborough, he being gone to the Cape.  Called at Mr. Bridge’s in Framingham, who has been much confined with Sickness of late.  I tryed the New Road through Weston and went by Mr. Abraham Gale’s, where I called but he was not at home.  Reached to Capt. Thomas Prentice’s to mix my Tears with his for the Loss of his late Excellent Wife: and lodged there.

May 25, 1756

1756 May 25 (Tuesday).  Capt. Prentice rode with me to Boston.  Put up my Horse at Mr. Lowders, the Barbers; (my Kinsman Procter being then out of Town).  Dined at my Kinsman Nathaniels.  P.M. Visited my Dear Brother William in his sorrows — just at Eve visited (with him) Cousen Oliver.  Cant but observe the Conduct of divine Providence towards them.  Lodged at Cousen Procters, who was returned home at Eve, and was in grievous Spiritual Exercises.

May 26, 1756

1756 May 26 (Wednesday).  Mr. Cooper preached the Election sermon.  I din’d publickly in Faneuel-Hall, with the Lieutenant Governor, Council etc.  P.M. was at Dr. Sewalls with the Ministers at their Convention.  Mr. Wigglesworth of Ipswich was chose Moderator.  This Choice was without any Trouble; but the Choice of a Clark or Scribe was attended with much.  Mr. Pemberton was thought to be chose, but upon Second Trial it appeared otherwise.  Then Dr. Mayhew was nominated by Mr. Williams of Sandwich and though it was Opposed by Some, and Dr. Sewall particularly bore his Testimony against it, yet he was the Man.  I was much Surprized at it, and full of Sorrow, from what I had great reason to Suspect; yet not having read his Book, I could not intelligently Oppose him for the Doctrines contained therein.  After divers Visits I returned to Brother Samuels and lodged there.  N.B. My Horse was put up at Procters.

May 27, 1756

1756 May 27 (Thursday).  N.B. Visited my Kinsman Winter lame and confined to his Chamber.  I went to the Convention.  Were more amicable than Yesterday.  The principal affair was a Complaint from a Number of agrieved [sic] Brethren in the 2d Church in Falmouth (or Perpuduck) against the Churchs proceedings in settling Mr. Ephraim Clark their Minister.  An unanimous Vote passed to testify against such Disorders as we hear have been there.  Elected Mr. Perkins of Bridgewater to preach to the Convention next after Mr. Rand.  Mr. Abbot of Charlestown preached to Day, on Act. 20.21.  The Contribution was smaller than usual — being but 250£ old Tenor or a little above.  I dined at Mr. Pembertons, where were Messrs. Byles, Conant, Auchmuty, Carns and young Mr. Byles.  P.M. at my Kinsman Olivers.  Returned to the North End, and at Mr. John Brecks had some fresh Debate concerning Mr. Ephraim Clark at Perpuduck.  Mrs. Breck presented me with one of his Sermons.  N.B. Lodged at my Brother Parkman’s.

May 28, 1756

1756 May 28 (Friday).  I Strove to the utmost to get up to Mr. Cottons at Newton to preach his Lecture but could not.  Capt. Job Bradford and my Kinswoman Betty Parkman accompanyed me out of Town, and rode with me to Cambridge.  N.B. I endeavoured to pay Brother Champney my Debt to him (contracted on Mollys and Lucys Account chiefly), but was disappointed by A Johannes wanting weight, which Johannes I gave Mr. Nathan Maynard (at his earnest request to change) 8 Dollars for.  Rode to Watertown, to Mr. Storers and Master Nat. Harringtons.  Lodged at my Brother in Law’s, Mr. Joseph Harringtons.

May 29, 1756

1756 May 29 (Saturday).  Returned home.  Master Thomas Rice of College my Company from Mr. Joshua Warrins, where I called and prayed with the old people under their Weakness and confinement.  We dined at the widow Darlings — where was a Woman from Susquehannah, driven off by the Indians.  Got home in safety; found my family Well.  D.G.