December 15, 1754

1754 December 15 (Sunday).  Preach’d there a. and p.m. on Rom. 7.9.  N.B. Consulted with the Deacons Whipple and How, Major Willard and 2 sons and Mr. Brooks and his son, about baptizing Mr. Hezekiah Taylors, and Mr. Jonathan Rolf’s Child — and requested their Minds concerning my giving Copys of their papers which were given in to the Ministers concerning Mr. Hutchinson: and they were generally of the Mind that it was best to wave it for the present — nay and not to gratifie anyone that would be likely to disturb their peace till the Church’s Consent to it shall be obtain’d.  P.M. I baptiz’d the following Children — Hannah, of Hezekiah and Abigail Taylor; Lucy, of Aaron and Elizabeth Brigham; Elizabeth, of Jonathan and Abigail Rolf.  At Eve came to see me Messrs. Arnold, Isaac Harrington, and Stephen Prentice.  Mr. Hutchinson return’d, having preach’d on Rom. 10.10, and John 12.46.