January 1, 1755

1755 January 1 (Wednesday).  A true Sense of the Divine Dispensations would (methinks) fill my Soul with an holy astonishment at the Liberty and Goodness of God which is still protracted: and His Longsuffering is amazing towards So worthless and unfruitful a Creature.  O that I might be rous’d and quicken’d!  and O that God would vouchsafe after all, to pardon and Sanctifie me; and that He would please to direct and assist me in the great incumbent Dutys — that I may improve my Time, Serve the Souls of men, and Save my own soul as well as those that hear me!  It was very Cold, yet Billy went to Ensign Woods the Clothier and to Allens Mill.

January 2, 1755

1755 January 2 (Thursday).  Very Cold — but Billy to Johnsons Mill.  I have almost Every Day Deep Concern for both the Spiritual and Temporal Welfare of my Children especially my dear son Ebenezer.  Would humbly lift my Soul to God on this Account and beg Grace to Committ my whole Cause to Him, who I know will do what is wisest and best.  In That I would repose myself.

January 9, 1755

1755 January 9 (Thursday).  At Captain Forbush’s, heard that Mr. Daniel Hastings dy’d on the 7th having had the Mumps and took Cold.  It was very Surprizing — may God sanctify it to us, as well as to his own Relations!  He dys in the midst of his Glory and gaiety — was just going to be married — but that very Day his Thoughts perish.