December 2, 1754

1754 December 2 (Monday).  Sent for Mr. Jonathan Forbush and acquainted him with what I had met with respecting the Pew.  Agreed with him that he should pay for and build and improve the Pew as long as I liv’d — but at my Decease he shall return it to my Family and give them Legal Conveyance of it, they repaying him the price he pays and for the building it; and indemnifying him with respect to his Seat in the Meeting House otherwhere.  This is consents to [sic] — upon Supposition he outlives me, but does not bind his Heirs thereto if he decease first.  This he also declar’d in the hearing of my Wife.  N.B. Mrs. Chamberlin here.  N.B. Town Meeting to Call in Town Debts; at which my son Ebenezer very hardly gets his Bill for boarding the Schoolmaster, Mr. Foster, granted.  Is forc’d to abate from 35/ Old Tenor to 30/ per week.