December 23, 1750

1750 December 23 (Sunday).  A cold raw Storm.  I doubted much in the Morning whether it was my Duty to go to Meeting.  I concluded to try; and found that though is was tedious and difficult, yet I could undergo it.  There was a considerable assembly, which gave me fresh Encouragement.  Of Levit. 12 I read only the first 10 and proceeded to Some Remarks.  Preach’d on Exod. 20.12.  My wife din’d with me at the Squire’s and Martha Pannell at Deacon Newton’s.  P.M. I read Acts 2 and preach’d on Exod. 20.12.  But this Exercise was little other than a Recapitulation of what I had deliver’d and repeated Some Time ago, of the Dutys of Children and Parents, from Eph.  But I made many alterations, transpositions and necessary Corrections etc.