December 12, 1750

1750 December 12 (Wednesday).  Ebenezer a.m. fits up an House for the Doves, which were lately presented me, and p.m. Swingled Flax.  Thomas to mill a.m.  Cut Wood at the Door p.m.  Billys Sore begins to digest a little.  P.M. I went to Mr. Hezekiah How’s and got him to go with me to view my North East Bounds, which border on him and on the Ministerial Lot and on Mr. Richard Barns.  N.B. To Day Mr. Solomon Wood was here and settled our Accounts.  I ow’d him 12£ 13 Shillings Old Tenor and gave him a Note to Lieutenant Tainter.  Mr. Wood informs me likewise of the Death of the Widow Thurstons[1] Daughter Experience.

[1]The widow of Joseph Thurston.