December 3, 1750

1750 December 3 (Monday).  A pleasant Day — The little Snow which has lain a while on the Earth wastes away, and the Roads dirty and hollow.  Billy bears the Dressing his Leg very well, is Sensible of but very little Pain.  Ebenezer and Thomas husking p.m.  Church Meeting.  About 23 or 24 present.  Robert Cook was not there; nor his Father etc.  The whole Church seem ready to Vote.  The Vote was written and read over and over.  Whether Robert Cook and his Wife Should enjoy Special Privileges of the Gospel in this Church without an acknowledgement.  No Hand was lifted up for it.  I said upon it, that they all seem’d to be of one mind — viz. on the Negative.  Had any one any Thing to offer?  There was a profound Silence.  The Meeting clos’d with Prayer and Blessing.  Was after Meeting, at Deacon Newtons, Mr. Ebenezer Rice’s.  Mr. Pratts and old Mr. Maynard’s.