May 27, 1750

1750 May 27 (Sunday).  I administered the Lords Supper.  A.M. read Exod. 25 to number 23.  Mr. Hopkins preach’d on 2 Cor. 6.1 a. and p.m.  He was with us at Communion.  Mr. Hopkins, my wife and I din’d at justice Bakers.  P.M. I read John second Chapter.  N.B. Brother Edwards Whipple set the psalm.  N.B. When the Church was transacting the Affair relating to the Ordination of Mr. Hutchinson at Grafton the Choice of one of the Delegates was much clogg’d.  Deacon Forbush was nominated, but the vote not clear — he excus’d himself.  Lieutenant Tainter was nominated, but no vote.  At length Brother Whitney was chose; Scil: together with Esq. Baker.