May 2, 1750

1750 May 2 (Wednesday).  Wondrous pleasant and Delightfull.  A beautiful Prospect all round; the Air every where perfum’d by the Blossoms; and a Tunefull Chorus of different kinds of Birds, which Sing their Makers Praise.  Lord!  all thy works praise thee; and may thy Saints bless thee!  Bless the Lord O my Soul!  Agreed with Joseph Bruce to live with me for three months; from yesterday, till the first of August, for 41£ old Tenor.  But then by taking in the Days that he had work’d for me before this month came in on one hand, and allowing him two Days to Spend for himself of the Time to come, on the other; we agree that I shall pay him 42£ in the whole, when his Term shall be up.  N.B. Sent home Mr. Dyers Emlyn[1] by one Ephraim Bacon of Dedham.

[1]Possibly a work by the English Unitarian minister, Thomas Emlyn (1663-1741), which belonged to Jonathan Dyer of Dedham.  [Additional note: On January 20, 1749, Parkman borrowed “Mr. Thomas Emlyn’s — Tracts Volume I,” which Walett identified as A Collection of Tracts relating to the Deity, Worship, and Satisfaction of the Lord Jesus Christ (London, 1719).]