May 12, 1750

1750 May 12 (Saturday).  Captain Maynard and I renewed Bounds where the old Meeting House stood and agreed that the Stake and Stones, exactly East of the old Meeting House East Door, Should Stand where we have now placed it, till it Should appear by a Survey with Instruments that it is not according to the Plott.  Reverend Mr. Joseph Bellamy[1] of Woodberry in Connecticut came to See me, and he brought a Letter to me, and another to the Church from Mr. Edwards[2] of Northampton requesting us to assist them in Council on June 19 next.  Revd. Mr. Stone came p.m.  N.B. Mr. Stone came in answer to my Desire to change tomorrow, but when he perceiv’d how, in divine Providence I was Supply’d, he went over to Mr. Martyn and Succeeded.  Brother Hicks also here, from Boston and brought me a kind good Letter from Mrs. Pierpoint.  I bless God for this Correspondence!  I am fill’d with Shame and Grief that I can Sustain it no better.  O that God would manifest His Grace towards me and qualifie me!

[1]Bellamy (Yale 1735) became the first minister of the church in the northern part of Woodbury (now Bethlem) April 2, 1740, and served this parish for 50 years.  Dexter, Biographical Sketches, pp. 523-529.

[2]The Reverend Jonathan Edwards.