May 20, 1750

1750 May 20 (Sunday).  Mr. Hutchinson preach’d for me, and I for him at Mr. Martyns.  N.B. I preach’d on Mat. 25.46, latter part all Day.  Honourable Samuel Watts[1] and Colonel Richards[2] at Meeting, and I ask’d ‘em to dine with me; which they comply’d with.  At Eve I return’d home — as did Mr. Martyn also.  Mr. Hutchinson lodg’d at my House.

[1]Watts was a leading citizen of Chelsea, a justice of the peace, and councillor of the province.

[2]Joseph Richards (Harvard 1721), a class-mate of Parkman’s, practiced medicine in Dedham, served as selectman and Representative, and was lieutenant colonel of the Suffolk regiment.  Sibley, VI, 553-555.