October 30, 1746

1746 October 30 (Thursday).  Rode to Boston in the Morning.  Sister Betty very ill. She was brought home from Lieutenant Williams’s (of Lynn End) last Saturday.  Was much griev’d as were all her Friends to see her so much concern’d about her Daughter Eliza’s having her design’d Share of the Estate; and was in agony to have Elias to take his Pen and Ink and Sett down what Eliza should have.  I din’d at Mrs. Keggells, and rode with her over to her Brother Bass’s at Dorchester. Return’d at Eve. Horse kept at Procters. Visited sister Betty, who had been yet more uneasy in the afternoon before a multitude of people in her Chamber, about her son Elias — but was now calmer. Methinks she apparently grows worse.  I made opportunity to talk freely with her alone. She took it thankfully. Mr. Joseph White (her uncle) came to see her also and he talk’d in a savoury Manner. I Lodg’d with my Kinsman. Sent Mr. Tinneys Horse home with Mr. Phinehas Hardy.