October 28, 1746

1746 October 28 (Tuesday).  What Patience and Longsuffering of God are we call’d to Celebrate and magnifie Since we have been indulg’d now Two and Twenty Years in Church State and Relation.  The Lords Name be prais’d with my whole Soul, and by all his people of this place!  But may we be truely humbl’d for our Shamefull unprofitableness!  And O that we might obtain the Quickening Grace of God that we may become More fruitfull and faithfull under our Sacred Bonds and Obligations and unspeakable Advantages!  I endeavour’d to take some Notice of the Way — but alas with much Brokenness and Interruptions.  Towards Eve Mr. Millen[1] of Chauxit here.  My Wife rode to Mr. Grouts.  Ebenezer to Colonel Wards of Shrewsbury for his Chair.  I walk’d at Eve to see Ensign Newton again, who seem’d a little reviv’d and Easy — was in at Deacon Newtons.  May God fitt us all for sickness and Death!

[1]The Reverend John Mellen of Sterling.