October 23, 1746

1746 October 23 (Thursday).  Ebenezer fetch’d 4 1/2 Bushel Turnips from Mr. Hezekiah Pratts which with 1 1/2 receiv’d already was my 6 propos’d Stock of him (at 3/6 per Bushel) but he afterwards sent Me a Bag more which were his present to Me.  P.M. my Sons gather’d the rest of the Corn. I rode to Shrewsbury upon Several Small Affairs, but perceiv’d that people were gone to Lecture (which I had heard nothing of) whereupon I Snatch’d the Opportunity and went also.  Mr. Martyn preach’d on John 8.23. Those words — Ye are of this World. N.B. His Wife with him. We return’d to the parting of our Roads together. N.B. I was with Colonel Ward and Requested his Chair to wait on my sister Willard to Boston; who Consented to it without Difficulty.