October 7, 1746

1746 October 7 (Tuesday).  I visited a.m. Mrs. Rice who is Somewhat better.  Two of their Children taken sick. Their little Thimme very ill: but is at his Uncle Seth’s.  I rode to Mr. Whipples, Mr. James Maynards, Mr. Seth Rice’s, but he was not at home, his wife in great Trouble because of her Husbands Distractions: was at Ensign Rice’s — neither was he at home.  I proceeded to Mr. Bellows whose wife was ill, and their Daughter Sarah Forbush’s Child. Visited also Mrs. Fay, Messrs. Green, Edwards Whipple whose Child is ill — and then hasten’d over to the southside.  Din’d at Mr. Jonas Childs (from its Convenience to the School House) attended the Catechizing of above 50 (if I mistake not 55) Children of that part of the Town. Was at Mr. Daniel Forbush’s at Catechizing. N.B. Mr. Millers Company part of the way Home, for I turn’d away to Deacon Newtons.