June 25, 1746

1746 June 25 (Wednesday).  Thomas and Ebenezer Hoaing and Mowing.  They finish’d the Second.  The first good Day for Hay that has come.  I visited Lieutenant Tainter[1] and his Family in their Distress for Benjamin, who, as they conclude, is carry’d away Captive by the Indians.  Captain Maynard brought old Christian (Squab Widow of George Misco) from Grafton to dwell at his House.  Frequently bad news respecting our poor Englishmens Sufferings in the Indian Wars.  We hear of another Skirmish at No. 4, and that a Trooper Shot himself with his own Pistol.  Lieutenant Hezekiah Ward here at Evening.

[1]Deacon Simon Tainter.  [Correction: Tainter was not elected deacon until 1757.]