June 9, 1746

1746 June 9 (Monday).  Noah Forbush[1] here who gives me a distinct account of the Skirmish with the Indians at No. 4 last Saturday was fortnight when 5 Englishmen were kill’d, one wounded, and one carry’d away Captive.  N.B. Noah was in the hottest Engagement, and broke through the Indians though in a Lane, and 70 Rod from the Fort.  So memorable the Goodness of God towards him that he got in Safe.[2]  N.B. Though the Thunder last Saturday was So Moderate here, yet at Mr. Joseph Wheelers an Horse was kill’d.  Training of the South Company and I din’d with the Officers at Captain Fays.[3]

[1]Son of Aaron Forbush of Westborough.

[2]“We hear from No. 4. of the Narragansett-Townships, that on the 24th of May past, four Men were killed by the Indians; another was dangerously wounded, and two more are missing. . . .”  The Boston Weekly News-Letter, June 5, 1746.

[3]John Fay, a deacon of the Westborough church.