January 30, 1744

1744 January 30 (Monday).  Another Town Meeting upon my support etc.  They voted but £200 — Old Tenor.  The North Side very Resolute.  They urg’d that the Town gave me last year more than I needed or desir’d, that provisions were cheaper, etc., whereas I never gave so much as for both my Beef and my Rie — and also for Labour.  The Moderator Mr. Livermore[1] would not as much as Send me any Committee or Message of what they had done — said it was not in the Warrant.  The Year has been of far greater Labours than Ever with me for them and of far greater charge on the Account of the Company etc., by means of the multiply’d Exercises, Lectures, etc.  But God grant me an Even mind and resignation to His will!  O that I may also have Grace to Examine my Ends, aims and Views.  Mr. Whitneys Daughter Mary here — also Brother Hicks.  At Evening Captain Warrin and Lieutenant Forbush[2] here.

[1]Jonathan Livermore.

[2]Samuel Forbush of Westborough.