January 1, 1744

1744 January 1 (Sunday).  If I have heretofore taken Some Notice of the wondrous Patience and Longsuffering of God towards me in Time past, what far more increas’d Reason to now!  O that Since God is vouchsafing and protecting His rich Mercys to me, it might please Him to add This Great Mercy to all the other Grace to enable me to make a right Improvement thereof!  The Thoughts and Conversation of People Seem to be very much engross’d by the Appearing and Continuance of the Comet in the West.  I think it the largest that I have ever Seen, and that it comes Nearer and Nearer to the Earth.  I desire it may put me in Mind of the Greatness, Glory and Power, and the wisdom and So great Dominion of the infinite God whose works these are; And that I may bring to remembrance and have an abiding sense of that Day that Shall burn as an Oven, when this Earth also shall be sett on Fire and, all the wicked shall be Consumed.  Mal. 4.1.  2 Epistle of Pet. 3.7.  I preach’d on Col. 1.21.  Mr. Coolidge though in town yet not well nor at meeting.