January 23, 1744

1744 January 23 (Monday).  Reverend Mr. Smith of Marlborough made a Visit.  We don’t meet without some Contests about the Times.  He Thinks that there are as many and as deeply heart searching sermons among those term’d opposers as any others whosoever etc.  He din’d with me but it was at a Time when a Number of my Neighbours were here getting Wood.  Viz. Mr. Grout,[1] Thomas Whitney, Harrington, Bowman,[2] Daniel Forbush, Jonathan, Phinehas and Eli Forbush, Daniel Stone, Eliezer and Jeb Rice, Benjamin and Daniel Fay, each of which with a Team.  Dan Warrin, James and Ebenezer Miller, Eleazer and Oliver Whitney, Samuel Baker.  N.B. What wood was at the Door before and what there is now brought amounts to at least 50 Load now in the Piles, D. Gr.

[1]Joseph Grout.

[2]James Bowman.