January 19, 1744

1744 January 19 (Thursday).  Mr. Cushing here.  Troubles in Shrewsbury increase.  Zebediah Johnson,[1] Lieutenant Stone,[2] etc. very uneasy as if they had not Spiritual Diet.  Mr. Cushing and I din’d at Ensign Maynards[3] with Colonel Nahum Ward, Colonel Williams and others at the giving out a Number more of Commissions — and particularly Ensign Maynard is now Constituted a Captain.  N.B. Lieutenant Lee of Worcester his unguarded Talk, both at Captain Maynards and at my House.

[1]Ward, Shrewsbury, 334.

[2]Isaac Stone, one of the first selectmen of Shrewsbury.

[3]Stephen Maynard of Westborough.