May 26, 1742

1742 May 26 (Wednesday).  At the sale of Capt. Samuel Greenwoods[1] Books and bought several.  Mr. Appleton preached Excellently to the Court from Ps. 72.1.2.  I dined at Brother Alexander’s where was my Aged, venerable Mother.  P.M. when I went to Dr. Sewals there was but a thin Appearance of Ministers upon which I heard Mr. John Caldwell at the French Meeting House.  The Drift was against False Prophets; and not without Bitterness mixt with his Witt and Sense.  I sat very uneasy — and went out as soon as it was done.  Went up to Mr. Chaunceys,[2] the Convention being adjourned.  Some Number of ministers there, congratulating him upon his being made Doctor of Divinity by the University of Edinborough.  Our Conversation was upon Assurance, the Ground of it, the Manner of Obtaining it, and the Special Operation of the Holy Spirit therein.  A very usefull Conversation, Mr. Barnard and others having talked very judiciously and piously upon it.  Sought Mrs. Edwards fruitlessly.

[1]Samuel Greenwood (1690-1742), Harvard 1709; SHG, 5:481-83.

[2]Charles Chauncy (1705-1787), Harvard 1721, minister of Boston’s First Church, 1727-1787.  SHG, 6:439-67.