May 20, 1742

1742 May 20 (Thursday).  I had determined to go to Worcester to see the Prisoner, Green, whom I had lately writ to on occasion of his turning Quaker.  But I could not go from Mr. Halls seasonably enough — Mr. Hall and his wife[1] went with me to Brother Hicks’s, who has got his New place into a very good way.  I dined at Grafton.  Mrs. Prentice[2] very full of Spiritual Things.  I rode home and with my wife went over to Mr. Lulls.  Preached there on 1 Thess. 1.10.  And after that Exercise, I preached in half an Hour (at their Special Request) to the Young society on that side of the Town, on Ps. 119.59.  At Evening Solemnized the Marriage of Jonas Child to Sibyl Shattuck and Jonathan Cutting to Sarah Ball.  These Nuptial Solemnitys were at Capt. Eagers.  N.B. Mr. Jenison made the last prayer.  N.B. Thomas getting Fencing Stuff.

[1]Elizabeth (Prescott) Hall, wife of Rev. David Hall of Sutton.

[2]Sarah (Sartell) Prentice, wife of Solomon Prentice, minister of Grafton.