May 18, 1742

1742 May 18 (Tuesday).  Exercise to young women on Ps. 73.24.  Mrs. Brown[1] of Leicester (Mother of Mrs. Chamberlain) here.  Mrs. Edwards[2] from Northampton and Searl[3] a Freshman of N.H. College, here; and lodged here.

[1]Marcy Brown mar. John Chamberlain, Mar. 12, 1741; LVR, 129.  Two children of John and Mercy Chamberlain were baptized, Apr. 1, 1744.  Mercy (or Marcy) had owned the covenant at Leicester (WCR, 69).  When their son Samuel was baptized, they were “now of Stockbridge,” May 2, 1756 (WCR, 105).

[2]Sarah (Pierpont) Edwards, dau. of Rev. James Pierpont (1660-1714), Harvard 1681, minister of New Haven (SHG, 3:222-30) and wife of Jonathan Edwards.

[3]John Searle (1721-1787), Yale 1745, minister at Sharon, Connecticut, 1748-1754; Stoneham, 1759-1776; Royalton, Vermont, 1783-1787; DYG, 2:53-55.