May 14, 1742

1742 May 14 (Friday).  Rainy Morning.  Clear p.m.  Mrs. Williams here again — Sarah Bellows[1] — Daniel Stone[2] and his wife — all of them Candidates for the Communion.  At Eve my Wife returned, and in safety.  Blessed be God!  Mr. John Mead[3] lodged here.

[1]Sarah Bellows, daughter of Eleazer and Sarah Bellows, was admitted to the church, May 30, 1742 (WCR, 62).  She married Phinehas Forbush, Jan. 5, 1743 (WVR, 123).

[2]Daniel and Mary Stone were admitted to the church, May 30, 1742 (WCR, 62), and dismissed to Hardwick, Aug. 17, 1747 (WCR, 80).

[3]When John Mead died, Sept. 28, 1771, Parkman noted, “Tis conjectured in his 82d year.  He was Mr. President Lock’s great Uncle.”  Samuel Locke (1732-1778), Harvard 1755 (SHG, 13:620-27), served as Harvard’s president, 1770-1773.