May 31, 1739

1739 May 31 (Thursday).  N.B. Mr. Samuel Cook, Mr. Pierce[1] of Dartmouth etc. lodg’d at Brother Elias’s.  I lodg’d at Brother Williams.  I was at the Convention.  N.B. Letters from Mr. Holden of London.  The Sermon by Mr. Eels[2] on 1 Sam. 4.13.  The Collection £171 and odd money.  Din’d at Mr. Checkleys.[3]  Return’d to the Convention p.m.  Visited Mrs. Keggell,[4] Mrs. Clark, etc.  Lodg’d at Brother Williams.

[1]Rev. Richard Pierce (HC 1724), minister at New Bedford, Mass.,1733-1749.  SHG, 7:429-31.

[2]Rev. Nathaniel Eels (HC 1699), minister at Norwell, Mass., 1704-1750.  SHG, 4:468-71.

[3]Rev. Samuel Checkley of Boston.

[4]Mrs. Abel Keggell, a cousin of Mrs. Parkman.