May 29, 1739

1739 May 29 (Tuesday).  I rode with Brother Samuel Parkman and his Wife to Cambridge to visit their little son, designing to ride also to Mistick, to visit Cousen Bradshaw,[1] but the Rain prevailed so that we only went to Cambridge.  Neither could we return to Boston, but went over to Father Champneys and lodged there.  N.B. Mr. Samuel Liscomb of Southborough this afternoon inform’d me that Jacob Johnson and Daniel Taylor of Southborough each of about 22 or 23 years were lost at the Pond in Westborough which is the Head of the Sudbury River,[2] and it was concluded they were drowned.  Their Horses, Shooes and Stockings were found by the Pond, their Canoo, Hatts and Cranberrys floating but their Bodys not found, this Morning at 8 o’Clock.

[1]Parkman’s brother William had a daughter, Sarah, who married Samuel Bradshaw.

[2]The Sudbury River begins in the eastern part of Westborough where several brooks come together to form Cedar Swamp.