May 16, 1739

1739 May 16 (Wednesday).  Very Hot.  Mr. Edward Barns[1] marry’d to the widow Grace Rice.[2]  I walk’d to Deacon Tomlins[3] with Captain Forbush.[4]  N.B. Talk with Deacon about his Children, who had been guilty of fornication.[5]

[1]Of Marlborough, where he and his wife continued to live.

[2]Of Westborough.  Widow of Simon Rice.  Hudson, Marlborough, 315.

[3]Isaac Tomlin.

[4]Samuel Forbush of Westborough.

[5]Timothy Fay and Lydia Tomlin (or Tomblin) were married April 30, 1738.  The following entry appears in the Westborough church records, February 30, 1740: “Timothy Fay and Lydia his wife offered their public Humiliations for their committing the sin of Fornication and were restor’d to Charity.”