May 26, 1739

1739 May 26 (Saturday).  Brother Samuel Parkman sent up a Boy from Charleston early in the morning, to bring down my Horse from Cambridge.  N.B. Mrs. Newton (Ebenezer’s Wife of Southborough).  I had a very wet Journey.  The Rain was heavy upon me from Weston.  N.B. at Weston I met with Mr. David Ball of Boston who was come with Mrs. Pierpont, Mr. Stephen White[1] and Mrs. Sarah Noyes[2] from New Haven Yesterday, and the 3 last were at my House.  At Sudbury I borrow’d a great Coat of one Mr. Herd, my own being wet through.  At Mr. Baldwins was Mr. Joseph Biglo[3] who was my Company as far as to his Fathers in Marlborough where we were shelter’d, and Horse and Man refreshed.  At Home I found the Friends aforesaid to my great rejoicing.

[1](YC 1736), later minister at Windham, Conn., 1740-1794.  Dexter, 567-69.

[2]Daughter of James Noyes of Stonington, Conn.

[3]Son of John Bigelow.  Joseph lived in Shrewsbury.