September 14, 1736

1736 September 14th (Tuesday).  (and by the way a most rainy Time), After I had drank a Dish of Tea <together> with Madam P____t and had Spent a Secret Minute with Mr. P_____t upon the Affair, So difficult and utterly discouraging as it now seemed to be, I Say after these Things, when I was with Mrs. H________ in the foresaid Chamber, I found a great deal of Reason to quiet my Self and patiently wait upon Divine Providence Still.  She made such prudent Discoverys of her mind and Inclinations — that for the present it gives me much Satisfaction.  And I would not fail to take notice of the Good Hand of God upon me thus far.  About 11 is commonly the time of my returning.  Lodged again at Brother Elias’s.