September 3, 1736

1736 September 3 (Friday).  Breakfast with the Bridegroom and Bride.  Dined at Brother Elias’s.  The sick no better.  Mr. Foxcrofts Lecture at Dr. Colmans on Lev. 10.3.  Instead of going up with the Ministers I turned down with Mr. Sherbourn (in whose Pew I Sat) and went directly to my Brother Samuel’s and into Mr. Pierponts.  After Tea Mrs. Hannah and I retir’d to our Chamber.  Her Conduct very admirable for a discreet, respectfull Reserve.  The old Article is the grand and only obstacle — greatly fears how she shall be able to get over it; yet will use her Endeavour that she may, and assures me that it will be no small trouble to her if she can’t: In the mean time must let me know that it is very Dark with her, nor knows she what will be the issue.  I left her between 11 and 12 and returned to lodge at Brother Elias’s.  Mrs. Storer watched with the Sick, who were still very bad.  Little Dolly[1] also complaining much of her Throat.

[1]Dolly, daughter of Elias Parkman.