September 2, 1736

1736 September 2 (Thursday).  Rainy.  Mr. Gee Lecture on 2 Cor. 6.18.  Dined at Brother Samuels.  N.B. Brother William’s Second Daughter[1] married this Eve to Mr. Samuel Bradshaw of Medford.  In the Company was Mr. Hooper,[2] a Scotch Gentleman who had lately begun to preach in Boston, and greatly cryed up.  It was not So pleasant and agreeable a Time to me, as I might have hop’d and desired it to have been; but on account of the great Suspence the Affair at Mr. P____ts is left in; and on Account of the distressing illness of sister Elizabeth who grows much worse, and that Parkman is brought from College this Eve in a Chaise Sick of the Distemper.  God be graciously pleased to visit, direct and Support that afflicted Family, and vouchsafe salvation!  Mr. Webb went from the Wedding to Brother Elias’s.  I lodged at Brother Samuel’s.

[1]Sarah, daughter of William Parkman.

[2]William Hooper (d. 1767), Edinburgh 1723, minister of Boston’s West Church, 1737-1746; Trinity Church, Boston, 1747-1767.  Weis, Colonial Clergy, 110.