June 29, 30, 1726

1726 June 29, 30 (Wednesday, Thursday).  We pol’d in our Hay.  Neighbor Green and William Clark, My Self and Boy.  My Self and Neighbor Green.[1]  Notwithstanding such Exercise last mentioned was my Diversion and Choice, yet I found it sometime tir’d me very much.  It set me into Reflections upon the unhappy times we are fallen into and the Ingratitude of most of the people of the Country to their Ministers, very few besides the Boston ministers being able to Support themselves with what they Receive from their People.  Certainly they are straighthanded and if they Reap Sparingly no wonder since they Sow very Sparingly.  He that would be just will attribute hereto and not to the want of Either sufficient parts of Eager Inclination if there are not so great men among us as were famous in New England in the Dayes of Fathers.  Most ministers do groan under their pressures and it is an addition to the weight that Sinks them that the Generality of People are of the Sort and Spirit that it Scarce ever can prove to the Advantage of men to complain, but it is best to Suffer patiently, to obtain relief.  They Desire to be left to their own Generosity, the Extent of which is Enough Demonstrated.  This Reflection is the more melancholly when it is Evident Such Evil conceits are daily propated [propagated?] to the Dishonour of God with the Disparagement of his Ministry.  For, trifling as the following observation is, it is true: That their [blot] inward Respect is much proportion’d to our Externall appearance; when therefore it becomes mean through their neglect it will be in Danger of becoming worse through their Contempt.  But (Christo gratias) I have had little Experience, as yet.

[1]John Green of Westborough.