June 12, 1726

1726 June 12 (Sunday).  I could not go to Meeting.  I would humble myself before God for my former Negligence and unfaithfullness on this Blessed Day which justly Deserves the Divine Frowns.  I Beseech God to assist me by his Grace to greater Diligence and Zeal and Constancy in his Service, especially in my Great work on this Day for the Future.


I Sent a sermon to the meeting house but there being but 3 or 4 Men there they returned to my house.  Most of the people were gone to Meeting in neighbouring Towns.  There were Worcester people here for Mr. Burr[1] was ill.  It was doubtfull whether there would be any Meeting at Shrewsbury for Mr. Cushing[2] Broke his Arm some Time since and has not been able to preach for 2 Sabbaths.  The Time look’d very Melancholly.  It show’d in a Lively Light the great Priviledge of Comfortable free Enjoyment of the Lords Day.

[1]Reverend Isaac Burr of Worcester.

[2]Reverend Job Cushing of Shrewsbury.