June 5, 1726

1726 June 5 (Sunday).  I rose much indispos’d.  I went to public Worship which my wife urged very much against.  I was very faint when I Entered the house, but (with much difficulty) I went through the Exercises of the forenoon.  In the Intermission I was still worse.  I tarry’d at home, and sent Mr. Symms’s[1] Sermon to delaying Sinners to be Read.  Neighbor Thurston and Mr. Tomlin,[2] I was told, pray’d.  I grew very ill, having pains through my Limbs, oppression and sharp pains at my Stomach that caused much faintness.  Just the way of Divine Providence I would acknowledge God.

[1]Thomas Symmes, A Monitor for Delaying Sinners (Boston, 1719).

[2]Deacon Isaac Tomlin.