July 23, 1760

1760 July 23 (Wednesday).  My Lecture at 10 a.m. preached by Mr. Stone from Joh. 6.[5?].  Stopped the Church to hear the Report of the Committee from Mr. Fay.  It was read.  In the Debates of the Church upon the Case N.B. Squire Baker was of Opinion that all his faultiness which was before his Coming to the Communion must be obliterated, that is, although he has been faulty heretofore, yet if the Church have admitted him to Communion Since, that Cancells it.  This was easily answered.  Brother Batherick was for proceeding, and admitting the man to privilege upon these Reasons brought by the Committee.  Brother Moses Warrin was on the other Hand.  Finally Vote to Suspend this Affair for a While farther.  N.B. I wanted to return home because Mr. Stone had brought his Wife and the Widow of [blank] Prince late of Boston deceased.  And they dined here.  Mr. Fessenden p.m.  Mr. Twitchell worked here.  At Deacon Tainters Motion a Number of Hands came and cutt down my Field of Rye, back of the Meeting House.  A Sett before Meeting and another sett after.  They were Deacon Tainter, his son and servant, Mr. Daniel Forb., Thomas Twitchell, and Joseph Harrington, also Lieutenant Harrington — these before meeting.  P.M. were Joseph Harrington, Tainters young man, viz. John Ball, Noah Hardy, Adam Rice, John Wood and a Young man with him.  A great Kindness, we treated them as well as I could.  May God reward them!