January 23, 1757

1757 January 23 (Sunday).  Read 1 K. 22.  Gave Remarks and Observations.  Repeated sermon 5 on Eph. 2.21.22.  Took only the last verse for my Text.  N.B. Chose this the rather because of the Subject designed for the p.m. (on which I had spent my Time for preparations) and the Business of next Week.  N.B. This morning ended Mr. Lowman on the Rev. and therewith finished the reading the Bible in the Family once more.  May the Seal of it be impressed on our Hearts!  Old Mrs. Maynard, Widow of the late Capt. John Maynard, after many Entreatys, dined here.  P.M. Read Mat. 25 and preached on Act 6.1, to 7th v. previous to the Choice of another Deacon.  Appointed a Church Meeting to be next Thursday for that purpose.  At Eve Mrs. Pierponts Journals.