August 29, 1782

1782 August 29 (Thursday).  A Day of Solemn FASTING and Prayer.  See the 22d day.  The Drought continues and the Cold Nights.  Mr. P. Whitney began with prayer: Mr. Frost preached a.m. on Mat. 24.12.  Mr. Sumner prayed p.m.  Mr. Whitney preached on Heb. 3.2.  After which I prayed, And O that a merciful and gracious God would Vouchsafe to Pardon and accept for His dear sons sake!  Mr. Frost tarrys with us.  The Pastures are so burnt, that the Horses are put into the Barn.  N.B. Mr. Brigham returned from Watertown so as to attend with us in the publick Exercises: and Alexander came at Eve.