August 22, 1782

1782 August 22 (Thursday).  P.M. The Church Met — to Consider Mr. Adams’s Request of Dismission and Recommendation to the Church of Hopkinton and his Wife’s Complaint against him.  Mrs. Adams came, but her Husband would not — till we had been some time together — and then would Stay but a short Space, and hastily flung out and rode away.  The Church voted to have a Fast.  They were very Unanimous.  There was Reason enough.  Besides the Drought, the public state — this Critical Juncture — Our great Perplexities — but the Growth of Sin; Decay of Religion etc.  They would have it to be Next Thursday. Capt. Morse is earnest to have Mr. Frost of Millford sent to.  I consented (and have writ to him accordingly).  The Church Meeting with regard to Mr. Adams’s Affair was necessarily Adjourned — the Adjournment is to Monday the 9th of Sept.  I concluded with Prayer and Blessing.  After Meeting Deacon Wood and Mr. Belknap here.