May 31, 1782

1782 May 31 (Friday).  My Kinsman Davis left us.  Mrs. Lydia Morse was here with her Relation.  Dr. Hall returning from Boston calls here.  I talk with him about Mr. Sanford.  Says that Mr. Sanford is of Opinion that is [sic] the Author of Sin, as He is of Poison in a Serpent.  P.M. Mr. Brigham returns home — brings me a Letter from Mr. Quincy, dated the 23d instant — and informs that Mr. Maccarty preached to the Convention, that Isaac Baldwin of Cambridge is Sick of a Fever etc. etc.  Mr. Brigham brings me also from Mr. Moore a Copy of Judge Sullivans Letter to Mr. West; and an old Piece of Dr. C. Mather on Witchcraft etc.  He has, moreover, bought me another Chrystal to my Watch.