May 18, 1782

1782 May 18 (Saturday).  My Son Ebenezer leaves us to go to Ashburnham.  I sent a Letter by him to Mr. Cushing concerning him, and concerning Mr. Sanford.  Have heard that Deacon Hawes is promoted to be a Justice of Peace.  Mr. Cornelius Biglow here, with a Letter from Mr. Forbes of Gloucester, dated Apr. 26.  Capt. Morse was here, with Request that I would propose to the Congregation to sing five Times on the Sabbath — he Says it is the Desire of the Singers and others — particularly Mr. Jonathan Batherick, Capt. Fisher, etc.  But Mr. Biglow as soon as he understood what Capt. Morse had desired, vehemently Opposed it.  But I considered him as very little among us; of Sudden and violent passions, and not little meddling with the Affairs of this people or much regarded if he did.  The weather has been so cold and wet this Week that little could be done about planting.  Mr. Solomon Miller was here accidentally, and was improved to kill a Calf for me.